3D Character Leads 2D Character [Chapter Three]

In Chapter three we cover animating a 3D character in Maya, such as a robot like what was used on the cover of the book, and placing a 3D stand in character in that robot's hand.  We then take the rendered image into photoshop and animate the 2D character there.  We also cover animating in Corel Painter, Toon Boom and Flash and combining it all in After Effects.  There are other 2D softwares as well - share which ones you have used.

There are a few key images that are not included in the book - due to page count.  They are flowcharts for creation of the assets:

Chapter Three Project: 3D Leads 2D example

Companion Data:

Extra material for chapter Three includes:
A handout on how to automate Photoshop to create registration crosshairs for print registration:

Extra Images not included in the book:

An overview of Maya Toon Lines:

Student Examples can be found at:
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