Digital Clean Up & Ink and Paint

Cat from "Jaguar McGuire" , Group Project 2009.  Animation by Shani Vargo, CU by Jason Walling, 3D Models by Adam White

Throughout the book we look at different ways to do cleanup lines digitally: Maya Toon line, Photoshop, Flash, Toon Boom and of course there are many many others.  One constant seems to be is that you have to pick one and stick with it. It is most difficult, some have found, to match 2D pencil line with digital vector.  Nothing can replace good old graphite and all the beauty that is has.  Yet, the 2D printing and scanning process add another step to the pipeline and introduce regging problems.  It is the heart of one of the largest 2D/3D issues.

We also explore different methods for Ink and Paint throughout the book.  There is a small bonus insert that was not included in the book in ink and paint:

What have you found for ink and paint solutions?

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