Camera Space [Chapter Seven]

In Chapter Seven  we look at the use of camera space.  It is a concept rooted in Visual Storytelling as put forth by Bruce Block.  We take the concept and apply it to how to create a flat, deep or limited spaced world for our art to live in (based on what the story called for).    In that chapter I list the following books/videos that I would suggest to fully learn about the use of camera:

1.  Cinematography: Image Making for Cinematographers, Directors, and Videographers by Blain Brown
2.  The Visual Story by Bruce Block
3. The Bare Bone Camera Course for Film and Video by Tom Schroeppel
4. Hollywood Camera Works DVDs.

Student example of Flat to Deep Space Camera move: John-Michael Kirkconnel SCAD MFA

In this chapter we cover: Flat space, Deep space, Limited Space and Ambiguous space.  The hands on section shows how to create a Fast Space animation in Maya, a Limited Space animation in After Effects and a Deep Space animation (with 2D characters) in Maya.  We even explore using forced perspective techniques to make our 2D characters fit into the deep space environment in Maya.

Companion Data:

Extra material for chapter Seven includes excluded images:

Any thoughts on camera space in a hybrid world?
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